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Class 3 Digital Signature

Purchase Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates Online to streamline processes for ITR, ROC, MCA21, eTendering, Trademark, ICEGate, PF, GST, IEC Registration, Gram Panchayat, CERSAI, eTicketing, NSWS, Startup India, and various other applications. Explore the extensive benefits and features of Class 3 DSC for enhanced digital security and seamless transactions.

DGFT Digital Signature

Acquire a DGFT Digital Signature Certificate online to facilitate communication and engagement in diverse transactions on the website. Organizations with a valid IEC Code can easily purchase a DGFT DSC. Explore more details about the DGFT Digital Signature Certificate for efficient and secure participation in online interactions.

Foreign User Digital Signature

Purchase a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate Online for Foreign National Users, catering to diverse purposes such as eTendering, ROC & MCA 21 compliance, ITR filing, Company Incorporation, and Director KYC. This certificate is available for issuance to any Foreign National Citizen. Explore more information about the Foreign DSC for an in-depth understanding of its applications.

Document Signer Certificate

Purchase a Document Signer Certificate to streamline a multitude of online transactions, including automated bulk signing of invoices, insurance policies, contracts, agreements, PAN validation, and more. Explore additional information about the Document Signer and its capabilities for enhancing the efficiency and security of various digital processes.

DSC Franchise

Join Our DSC Franchise through our DSC Partner program and augment your current business earnings. As a professional, issue Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) within minutes at your office, saving both time and money. Learn more about the DSC Franchise opportunity and explore the benefits of becoming a valued partner.

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Discover our comprehensive product lineup encompassing digital signatures, document signers, USB tokens, bulk digital signatures, accounting software, biometric machines, and more. Explore our complete range of products designed to cater to various needs and enhance your digital experience.

Steps to order DSC online

Select Your DSC Type and Class

Begin your digital signature journey by determining the type and class that aligns with your specific requirements. Choose from various DSC options, such as Class 2 or Class 3, based on the level of security and the intended use. This initial step sets the foundation for a tailored and efficient DSC.

Fill in the Online Application Form

Navigate to the online application form designed to capture essential details for your DSC issuance. Input accurate information, including personal and organizational details, ensuring the form is completed comprehensively. This step lays the groundwork for a smooth application process.

Submit Necessary Documents

Facilitate a prompt processing of your DSC application by submitting the required documents. Ensure that all supporting documentation is accurate, up-to-date, and compliant with the specified guidelines. This step acts as a crucial bridge towards the successful issuance of your Digital Signature Certificate.

Make Secure Online Payment

Conclude the process by making a secure online payment for your selected DSC. Utilize the available payment options to complete the transaction, ensuring a seamless and protected financial interaction. Once the payment is confirmed, your Digital Signature Certificate is ready for issuance.

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Expertise: Benefit from our seasoned professionals with extensive industry knowledge.

Products Range: Explore diverse digital solutions, from DSC to USB tokens.

Security: Trust in cutting-edge security measures for robust online protection.

Customer Support: Rely on our dedicated support team for assistance at every step.

Transparency: Experience clear communication and transparent processes.

Timely Services: Count on our commitment to prompt and efficient service delivery.

DSC Uses for Seamless Digital Transactions

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) have evolved into indispensable tools, revolutionizing the landscape of digital transactions. Explore the diverse uses of DSC, empowering individuals and businesses with a secure and efficient way to engage in the digital realm.

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  • Legal Document Signing
  • E-Tendering
  • ROC & MCA Compliance
  • Income Tax Filing (ITR)
  • Company Incorporation
  • Director KYC
  • Insurance Policies
  • PAN Validation
  • Bulk Digital Signatures
  • E-Governance Initiatives
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    Acute boasts of its Large Franchisee Network of More than 2500 Professionals into the field of Taxation, Commerce, Accountancy, Compliance & Registrations spreaded over 400 Locations including Tier-I, II and III cities and towns of India. Since its establishment in 2014, It has expanded into the horizons of multifarious business verticals. The Franchisee and Distribution Network of Acute constitutes Chartered Accountants, Cost & Work Accountants, Advocates Taxation, Tax Practitioners, other Tax Consultants and Professionals.


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