eTendering Services

In the current digital era, the conventional methods of a large number of applications have been replaced with the latest electronic systems, of which e-tendering is one example. An e-tendering System is one of the most contemporary methods that facilitates the complete tendering process from the advertising of the requirement through to the placing of the contract, which includes the exchange of all relevant documents in an electronic format.

Efficient and Cost Effective

In order to bring in better cost saving methods and increase efficiency, it was essential to replace the old manual paper-based tendering procedures with more modern electronically facilitated system of e-tendering. It not only saves time and money, but also relieves us of the monotony of complex paper work. Now, with the help of latest automated e-tendering system, tender specification, advertising, tender aggregation, evaluation and placing of the contract can be prepared with a much greater ease. While manual tendering process can be long and cumbersome, usually taking three-four months or longer and much more expensive for both buyer and the supplier organizations, e-tendering is a convenient and cost effective alternative, which also saves a lot of precious man hours.

Convenience of Use

Generally, large organizations have to handle multiple procurement requirements, thus have to apply different information systems developed by various companies. Such a process becomes unexpectedly long and cumbersome, when the product categories are not well sorted out. Here, the role of professional companies that are well versed with such complexities comes into play. The expertise and the tailor made systems developed by these companies, based on their experiences over a period of time provide the convenience of smooth, foolproof methods of e-tendering.

e-tendering Service Providers

Acute Networks is a leading company based at Chandigarh, operating as PKI and IT solution provider since the year 2014. It is a well known name in the areas of Digital Signature Certificates, NSDL PAN Cards, e-tendering, e-bidding, e-procurement and other IT solutions under the IT Act 2000. The company offers e-tendering services for all types of tendering needs. Acute provides hundred percent bidding support in e-tendering for online and offline submission of tenders. What is more, Acute also serves in digital signature certificates as mentioned earlier in this article, which is another mandatory requirement in the e-tendering process. Acute therefore is a one-stop service provider that offers varied IT solutions like DSC, e-tendering, NSDL-PAN related services and much more. Being a serving partner of the famous e-mudhra, the company is authorized to provide class-2 and class-3 digital signature certificates to the clients. Being a licensed channel controller of e-mudhra Ltd., the company is authorized to issue digital signature certificates to the end users on pan India basis. May it be a Company, Corporate, Individual, MNC, Govt. organization, CA’s, CS or any other end user. The company has provided thousands of DSC’s to a large variety of clients around the country since its inception. The company is also authorized to appoint channel partners or Direct Sales Partners anywhere in India.

Professionalism Matters

Furthermore, as tendering is a hectic process, the professionals of the companies like Acute Networks, with a thorough understanding of the subject, allow you to be at ease, while they take over all your tender related intricacies on their shoulders, so that you can relax and concentrate on other more important aspects of your business. Acute Network’s e-tendering System offers a huge convenience for the entire tendering process right from help with preparing the tender specification, advertising, tender aggregation, to the evaluation and finally placing of the contract. The buyers are able to manage the tenders coming in, with all tenders stored in one place for easy comparison and much more.


If you have a project to work on, for which you need assistance, you should select a reliable service provider, that has a reputable record of providing the related services. Companies like Acute Networks provide multiple services like DSC’s, e-tendering, e-bidding, e-procurement and e-auction all under one roof. If you have a question, the company’s representative can be contacted, who will provide you the detailed information and solution on the subject of your requirement.

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